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Hi, I’m Clare. My company Doris and Bertie writes for some of the world’s top companies. But what I love most is helping others find their writing voice. So if you’d like to be a more confident, persuasive and, yes, quicker writer, stick around. Because you’ll find here heaps of advice, tips and strategies for getting and keeping your writing mojo!

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38 Writing Tools to Help Take the Worry Out of Writing

38 writing tools and resources for more persuasiv

I’ve put together a list of all the writing tools and resources I recommend to my students and the business people I coach (and that I use every day!) Here’s the link to its permanent page:

38 Powerful Writing Tools for More Persuasive Writing

The list features books, articles, websites and free plugins. All of which will help you to write more quickly, accurately and persuasively. Check it out […]

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